Premium electrical are focussed on ensuring your electrical supply, and its use is seamlessly benefiting the feel and practicality of your home. Good design enhances the use of your living space, making it as easy and pleasurable as possible. Whether this is enhancing an area with subtle lighting, to create a mood or simply make it feel larger.

Also ensuring power supply and socket types are placed where they are really needed not just because there is an alcove or space on the wall to stick one. 


Premium Electrical have not just a depth of technical electrical skills, and the relevant City and Guilds industry qualifications, but years experience in the domestic setting, plus years of film and television lighting and practical electrics.  This unique set of skills means unlike a traditional electrician we know how light really works.  

Architectural design support

Premium Electrical have an in house architectural expertise to ensure that any new works are built into your home seamlessly, and enhance your living space. We constantly update our knowledge on current trends and keep abreast of new products.